Write about something you love

According to Richard Nordquist, overwriting is: Such prose is seen most often in the work of newer writers trying too hard to make an impression. Discerning readers find this style irritating.

Write about something you love

Maybe a prince wants to save a princess from a fire-breathing dragon. Saving the princess is the external conflict. Once the external conflict is resolved, the story is over. In the best stories, the obstacle within the hero internal conflict is the one he finds most difficult to face.

Typically, the protagonist is tormented by a wound from his past, and this wound is something that happens before the story begins. Maybe a prince watched his family burn in a fire when he was a child, but he needs to overcome his fear of fire to defeat the fire-breathing dragon and save the princess.

In the movie Twister, Helen Hunt plays the role of Dr. Jo Harding, who is a storm chaser.

write about something you love

The movie begins with Harding watching her father being swept away by a tornado when she was a child. I recently critiqued a manuscript that began with a prologue wherein a child was struggling to save himself after a canoe overturned and his parents drowned.

Of course, the child turned out to be the hero in the story. While I was reading the prologue, I kept thinking how much more effective the story could be if the writer would wait and add the backstory later.

They weave in the pieces of backstory in small bits. Imagine if the movie Silence of the Lambs had begun with a prologue showing what had happened to Clarice Starling as a child.

The man knows how to tell a story. I would advise any writer to seek out his books, interviews, workshops, and blog posts. Hauge notes that the movie Good Will Hunting is half over before the viewer learns about the abuse Will suffered as a child. Michael Hauge offers writers this advice in the interview with Film Courage: One of the most effective ways to reveal the wound is through dialogue.

In the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, the viewer learns that Christian Grey was horribly abused as a child when he confesses his past to Anastasia during an intimate moment, well into the movie.

Writers are often told to show rather than tell, and this is good advice much of the time.

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However, readers and viewers of most types of fiction take no joy out of reading about or watching children suffer. The writer has to know the backstory for the hero well enough to understand what wounded him in the past that made him the way he is in the present.

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Grandma taught me the meaning of every verses of traditional mantra called “Hanuman Chalisa” this morning. Dad just brought me my best dark chocolate for no particular reason. It is not any. "I love this.

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I've sent myself 5 letters so far and every year it's a surprise. Because I forget so easily. It turns into such a deep reflective process, that I usually weep and laugh while I write.".

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write about something you love

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