The battle of hue

By dawn, our troops were still unable to advance". Although the enemy battalion penetrated the division compound, an ad hoc man defensive force of staff officers and clerks staved off the enemy assaults. The attackers were engaged by a machine gunner in a guard tower and troops in a bunker who were able to hold off the attack for long enough to allow others in the compound to form a cohesive defense. Army helicopter was shot down over the city, the crew sought refuge with a group of ARVN in a small compound.

The battle of hue

It was a beautiful city, and my time there had been made even more enjoyable by the fact that throughout the war—evidently in deference to its historic past—Hue had been treated almost as an open city by the Viet Cong VC and North The battle of hue Army NVA. Although there had been intermittent mortar and rocket attacks on our compound south of the Perfume River, which bisects the city, Hue had seemed peaceful and secure.

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An explosion brought me back to reality. This was not a dream—it was Vietnam. By now it was automatic. I scrambled out of my cot, ripped away the protective mosquito net, donned my helmet liner and steel pot and slipped on my flak jacket.

In a matter of seconds I had my carbine and ammunition and was out the door with my shower shoes on. My fellow hooch mates always made fun of me because I never took the time to put on my uniform. So there I was in combat gear in my underwear and shower shoes.

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To me, speed was the most important thing—I wanted to stay alive! After we got the all clear signal, we would return to bed to get some rest. But not this time! All hell broke loose after we were all safely in our bunker, which held five or six men.

Small-arms fire could be heard from every direction, and more loud explosions continued after the mortars and rockets. The enemy had succeeded in scoring a direct hit on our ammunition bunker. The noise level was deafening, the smell of gunpowder filled the air, and I could sense the fear.

The intensity of the fighting seemed to escalate with each passing minute. The sergeant came by and instructed us to fire at anything that moved. When we opened up with a barrage, we hit the trip wires, and the flares on the barbed wire were ignited. Our entire corner of the compound was lighted up like it was daytime.

The battle of hue

Army of the Republic of Vietnam ARVN soldiers in billets directly in front of us fired a few rounds at our position, but we thought it was an accident so we did not return fire.

After a minute or two, the fire from the ARVN billet stopped. But the explosions, the flares, the small-arms fire, the loud noises, the yelling, the screaming and the chaos seemed to go on forever.

We did not realize what was going on around us. We would later learn that the th NVA Battalion had conducted a sapper-and-infantry assault in an effort to completely overrun our compound.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion to our right. The hooch occupied by a group of Australians had taken a direct hit. The yelling and screaming indicated that one of the Aussies had been hit by shrapnel; he later died from a throat wound. There was heavy fighting to our left next to Colonel George O.

Our bunker got a message that Specialist Frank Doezema was in the tower, spraying machine-gun fire at the police station that the enemy had overrun earlier. As Doezema was firing at the NVA, an explosion blew off the lower part of his legs.

His place at the machine gun was taken by another soldier, and Doezema was taken to the MACV dispensary. A medevac chopper was called in to evacuate him to Phu Bai, but the enemy snipers prevented the Huey from landing. I learned later that Doezema bled to death. When day broke, we ventured just outside the bunker.

When we looked around, we saw that things were in bad shape. The compound had taken many rounds from mortars and rockets. Sniper fire continued to erupt all around us. We were told to go back to our hooches in shifts and prepare for the day. In my case, I had to return to get dressed in my uniform.

There was constant sniper fire while I ran back to the bunker and dressed.

The battle of hue

I heard the bullets ricocheting off the roof as I hurriedly got into my full combat gear. We were not attacked again, but we did spend the rest of the day in our bunker, on alert.

During the rest of that day, January 31, we discussed what we would do in case of a ground attack.The epic battle for Hue left much of the ancient city a pile of rubble as 40 percent of its buildings were destroyed, leaving some , civilians homeless.

Among the . This book gets right down to the facts of the battle for hue city in Units are named and identified, as well, as locations of small hamlets around hue, where bitter fighting took place.

The Imperial Palace in Hue is recaptured by South Vietnamese troops. Although the Battle of Hue was not officially declared over for another week, it was the last major engagement of the Tet. The epic battle for Hue left much of the ancient city a pile of rubble as 40 percent of its buildings were destroyed, leaving some , civilians homeless.

Among the .


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During the Iraq War, the November anti-insurgent Marine operation in the city of Fallujah has been compared to the Battle of Hue. [13] [14] Both were fought in a close-quartered urban setting where the enemy ensconced itself in the midst of Vietnam United States: North Vietnam, Viet Cong.

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