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Telus company was formed in by the government of Alberta as Telus Corporation, a holding companyin order to facilitate the privatization of a crown corporationthe Alberta Government Telephones Commission AGT. While the merged company chose to retain the Telus name, it moved its headquarters from Edmonton to Vancouver. In lateAmerican telecom Verizon Communications sold its This was so that Verizon could focus more on its own services.

Telecommunications hw

Write down a statement of the Sampling Theorem. What is meant by Impulse Sampling? What is aliasing and how is it avoided in a sampling system?

Question 2 An analog signal that has been sampled to form a PAM waveform can be recovered by a low pass filter. The output of the low pass filter is the original analog signal. Explain in words why this is possible.

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What is the advantage of using impulse sampling rather than square wave sampling? An analog voice signal occupies a bandwidth of — 3, Hz. What is the Nyquist sampling frequency for this signal?

A sampling system operates at 1. What is the sampling Telecommunications hw What cut off maximum pass band frequency should this filter have? Question 4 The output of a video surveillance camera is an analog signal with a bandwidth that extends from 0 Hz to 1.

The signal is sampled at 1. Packets are transmitted serially over a twisted pair used as the cable for data transmission. What is the sampling frequency? Each sample is encoded as 6 bit PCM.

What is bit rate of the transmission on the twisted pair? If the digital outputs of three identical video cameras are combined onto a single cable using time division multiplexing, what is the bit rate on the cable.

Twenty four different phone calls are sampled and each sample contains 8 bits. One extra bit is added to the 24 samples for framing information. The entire package of bits is transmitted at rate of 1.

Telecommunications hw

Note that this package represents ONE sample from each phone call. What is the sampling rate samples per second for each individual phone call? Knowing what you know about the range of voice frequencies in a telephone circuit what is a reasonable frequency to set the low pass filter ahead of the sampler.

The analog to digital converter ADC used in a telephone system outputs 8 bit words.

Telecommunications hw

The digital words are transmitted as a serial stream to form a PCM voice signal. The analog voice signal voltage always lies between The changing Telecommunications landscape coupled with the increasing speed of technology and service evolution means that service providers need.

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