Relationship of crime to unemployment

Introduction Crime and its causes, have been studied the world over. In particular, there have been noted studies on the cost and benefit of crime, state of the economy and crime, and unemployment and wages and crime Jones and Kutan.

Relationship of crime to unemployment

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It is not possible, for Relationship of crime to unemployment developing country, to ameliorate the quality of life of its growing population without economic growth.

The relationship between government expenditure and economic growth has continued to generate series of debate among scholars. Government performs two functions- protection and security and provisions of certain public goods Abdullah, and Al-Yousif, Protection function consists of the creation of rule of law and enforcement of property rights.

This helps to minimize risks of criminality, protect life and property, and the nation from external aggression. Under the provisions of public goods are defense, roads, education, health, and power, to mention few.

Some scholars argue that increase in government expenditure on socio-economic and physical infrastructures encourages economic growth.

For example, government expenditure on health and education raises the productivity of labour and increase the growth of national output.

Similarly, expenditure on infrastructure such as roads, communications, power, etc, reduces production costs, increases private sector investment and profitability of firms, thus fostering economic growth.

Relationship of crime to unemployment

Supporting this view, scholars such as Al-Yousif, ; Abdullah, ; Ranjan and Sharma, ; and Cooray, concluded that expansion of government expenditure contributes positively to economic growth.

For instance, if the social rate of return on investment exceeds the private return, then tax policies that encourage can raise the growth rate and levels of utility. Growth models that incorporate public services, the optimal tax policy lingers on the characteristic of services.

Growth means an increase in economic activities. This will not be surprising if the economy is experiencing surplus or equilibrium on the records of balance of payment.

Better still, if there are infrastructures to improve commerce with the system or social amenities to raise the welfare of average citizen of the economy.

Relationship between unemployment and crime [FREE Example!]

All these are not there, yet we always have a very high estimated expenditure. This indicates that something is definitely wrong either with the way government expands budget or with the ways and manners it has always been computed.

Is there any relationship between government expenditure either capital or recurrent expenditure and economic growth in Nigeria?

Is there any way to justify the surplus, deficit or equilibrium position on Nigeria balance of payment due to the effects created by public spending? Is it true that as the nation is expanding its public expenditure on provision of infrastructural facilities as well as administration financing, the economy has been growth-enhancing?

Does public expenditure on provision of infrastructural facilities as well as administration financing determines the pattern and form of growth in output of the economy?

The specific objectives are: To investigate the relationship between government expenditure and economic growth 2. To determine the significant effect of government expenditure on economic growth 3. To derive recommendations based on the research findings. Rising government expenditure has not translated to meaningful growth and development, as Nigeria ranks among the poorest countries in the world.

Couple with this, is dilapidated infrastructure especially roads and power supply that has led to the collapse of many industries, including high level of unemployment.

Moreover, macroeconomic indicators like balance of payments, import obligations, inflation rate, exchange rate, and national savings reveal that Nigeria has not fared well in the last couple of years.

Given the issues raised above, this research seeks to examine the effect of government expenditure on economic growth in Nigeria. The research work is organized as follows. Chapter 1 is the introduction, while chapter 2 contains literature review and theoretical framework. Chapter 3 consists of methodology and model estimation, while chapter 4 contains discussion of results.

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Chapter 5 is for recommendations and conclusion. There is no relationship between government expenditure and economic growth.Higher parental socioeconomic status probably has an inverse relationship with crime. Unstable employment and high frequency of unemployment correlate positively with criminality.

[1] [14] Low socioeconomic status is thought to be positively correlated with higher levels of stress, and therefore the mental and psychological ill-effects of. unemployment compensation) and the dependent variable (the rate of violent crime).

For policy makers to design strategies that reduce the rate of violent crime, data to support effective strategies so that resources are not wasted must exist.

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When unemployment insurance is added, it does not qualitatively alter the relationship between unemployment and crime in that the relationship depends on the apprehension rate in the same manner it did in the absence of unemployment insurance.

Our study looks at the dynamic relationship between entrepreneurship, unemployment, and growth across 10 sectors of the U.S.

Relationship of crime to unemployment

using quarterly data for the period The models measure entrepreneurship using the net entry rate of establishments from the Business. The Effects Of Unemployment On Crime Rates Words | 7 Pages. The Effects of Unemployment on Crime Rates Introduction Crime and poverty often seem .

This study reinvestigates the relationship between unemployment and crime, but is the first to focus explicitly on the effects of long-term unemployment on crime.

A unique finding is that long-term unemployment shows a strong association with violent crime, an effect which is greater than that of.

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