Psych method paper on gender

They ask and answer questions. The first step toward answering a question is devising an appropriate test the method. The second part is making the results of the test known — this is the task of the research report and poster presentation.

Psych method paper on gender

Gender Differences and Eating Disorders Marya Wegenka Eating disorders have become a part of the culture in which we live. Eating disorders affect people of all socioeconomic classes and both genders. The drive to be thin and the desire to be thin are reflected on television, in magazines, and in the movies.

We as a culture are inundated with diet ads, diet products, and ways to lose weight. The message is you can never be too rich or too thin.

There is no question that women in society are told that to be beautiful is to be thin. Eating disorders are more prevalent among females, but males also suffer from eating disorders.

Devising Research Questions

Not until last year, when a male friend revealed that he had been anorexic, did I realize that males also are pressured to have or maintain a certain body image. The questions that I will try to answer in the rest of this paper will look at eating disorders in males.

How are eating disordered males similar to and different from females with eating disorders? Are men pressured in the same ways as women to achieve similar body shapes, or do males experience different pressures to obtain a different ideal body?

Inthe first case of an eating disorder in a male was recorded. Today there are more reported cases of males with eating disorders. The literature and research on eating disorders still focuses on females, and the research on males is few and far between. The explanation for this disparity in available literature is that males constitute only a small part of the eating disordered population.

The number of reported cases on males might be significantly underreported, because men may be reluctant to seek help thinking that eating disorders only occur in females or fail to recognize the problem as an eating disorder.

The Sociology of Mass Media and Social Media

Most of the research agrees that eating disordered males are similar to females in the age of onset of the disorder, dissatisfaction with body, and in weight control methods. However, the onset of eating disorders is earlier in females than in males.

One of the explanations proposed for this difference, is the fact that females start puberty before males. Many studies also agree that the similarities between males and females with eating disorders are greater than the differences. The rest of this paper will explore the eating disordered male and when appropriate will be compared to the eating disordered female.

Media influence, bulimia, anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, homosexuality, and several general studies on pre-adolescent, adolescent, and adult males will be discussed. Bandura's social learning theory says that people learn behavior through observation and modeling.

This theory was used as the framework for a study conducted by Harrison and Cantor to look at the influence that media has on eating disorders among both male and female college students. They found that the exposure of women to the thin ideal portrayed in the media did influence disordered eating.

In males, exposure to the thin ideal portrayed by the media, led to thinness and dieting in males. Miller and Pumariega report that men that develop eating disorders share in the dissatisfaction with their body image that women experience.

There is a larger social emphasis on the ideal female body, which would help to explain why more women develop eating disorders.

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Males in certain social situations where body weight and shape are important have an increased risk of developing eating disorders and body dissatisfaction.

Wrestlers and jockeys are two examples of groups of males that are pressured to maintain a certain body weight. This study consisted of 82 male undergraduates at a private university.

There was a control group and an experimental group. Participants were told that they were going to be shown slides, and they would later be asked to remember.

The control group saw neutral slides that did not focus on the body or had no humans in them. The experimental group had some 10 neutral slides and 20 slides with the ideal male body image.

Then the participants used a computer program that allowed them to adjust the pictures of the men in the advertisements to make them more or less fat and muscular.

The participants were told to make the figures look like their current body shape, their ideal shape, average shape of other men, and the way they believed women wanted them to look. There was not a significant difference found between current weight and what women want.

The differences were related to musculature, but not to body fat. These results suggest that media influence of muscular male figures in advertisements create body dissatisfaction in men.Psychopathology, Dynamics of Gender, Personality).

The study guides may be applicable to a variety of other psychology courses (e.g., General Psychology, History and Systems, Learning. But before you can design a test or write a paper, you have to have something you wish research -- you need to devise a research question.

Psych method paper on gender

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