Nivea weaknesses

Posted on October 4, by carlcea The brand Nivea is widely known worldwide as a brand that sells different kinds of skin care and beauty products. Through the years Nivea has develop a product line that is called Nivea for Men, this product line is obviously sells products that are specialize for the male consumers. Since introducing the product line Nivea For Men inthe brand Nivea wanted to expand its market to the male consumers and that is the reason why Nivea developed their own marketing plan for their business. A Marketing plan is just similar to a business plan.

Nivea weaknesses

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This component of the SWOT Analysis deals with the internal strategic factors that support business development and competitiveness. The following strengths are the most notable in the case of Nike Inc.: This component of the SWOT Analysis addresses the internal strategic factors that prevent or reduce business performance.

In the case of Nike Inc. Also, even though Nike Inc. Moreover, the company suffers from limited presence in developing markets, partly because of issues with pricing, imitation and patent protection. Opportunities for Nike Inc. External Strategic Factors Nike Inc.

Nivea weaknesses

The external strategic factors that facilitate business growth are covered in this component of the SWOT Analysis. The following are the major opportunities in the case of Nike Inc.: Proactive strategies for this concern can lead to an improved brand image. Another opportunity is for Nike to improve its product mix to attract more customers, especially non-athletes.

Threats Facing Nike Inc. This component of the SWOT Analysis deals with the external strategic factors that negatively impact business performance. Tough competition Rapid technological innovation Imitation Nike faces tough competition, considering other major players like Adidas.

Also, rapid technological innovation could further increase competitive pressure if Nike does not innovate as rapidly. In addition, imitation remains a threat, especially in developing countries with poor legal protection for patents.

This part of the SWOT Analysis shows that, for Nike to maintain its leadership in the global sports shoes market, product innovation and legal protection must be included in its major strategies.

However, the company must address concerns regarding competition, labor practices, imitation and patent protection. Thus, it is recommended that Nike Inc. The company must also collaborate with government units to address patent protection issues. Recent research on team and organizational diversity: SWOT analysis and implications.

The Handbook of Human Performance Technology, While the company’s strength rests on mass-driven Nivea, Beiersdorf should look at increasing the brand’s appeal among the youth. Eucerin and La Prairie could also benefit from technological innovations aligned with global trends to expand geographical footprint and diversify company revenue streams.

Weaknesses in the SWOT analysis of Nivea Competition restricting Nivea’s sale in other segments – Where Nivea is absolutely dominating in the cold cream segment and not allowing others to enter, others are not allowing Nivea to enter in their territory. • Nivea sunscreen soap sun block soap is a new product concept.

• Nivea sunscreen soap is not known by many people that are brand name has yet to be established. • Nivea sunscreen soap is facing high competition directly with the soap market And indirectly with the . Apr 13,  · A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities) analysis revealed some surprising facts, including that women are an important target market for NIVEA FOR MEN because they often buy male grooming products for their partners as well as help them choose which products to buy.

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Weaknesses. 1. Nivea faced criticism over ad campaigns which were termed as racist by a few people 2. Intense competition in skincare segment. Opportunities.

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