Google takes on the world case study

Netflix chooses the cloud to deliver fast and friendly customer service using Chrome Enterprise Ashley Sprague, Director of IT, Netflix This customer story comes from Ashley Sprague, Director of IT at Netflix, where over 65 million members go to stream their favorite movies, shows and more. Whatever your question or challenge, the Netflix Salt Lake City call center reps can provide fast answers. Now that Chromeboxes, Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise are the backbone of our call center, we can focus on helping customers instead of managing software and hardware from multiple vendors. We maintained more hardware on the call center floor than we needed — taking up space, costing money, and requiring more time and IT resources to manage.

Google takes on the world case study

Google Takes on the World 1. Evaluate Google using the competitive forces and value chain models. The Google's chain consists of a series of activities that create and build value, the mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Innovations in web search and advertising have made the web site a top internet destination and Google brand is one of the most recognized in the world. Google Value Chain Model I. Primary activities Search engine combined the PageRank system Brin's web crawler.

Servers which use inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware Operations The technology was innovated, upgraded and extended.

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Mapreduce, Google work queue, Google files systems, Ad Words an auction-based advertising program that enables advertisers to deliver relevant ads targeted to search results or web content.

Google Print Ads a web-based marketplace for placing ads in print mediaGoogle Video Ads user-initiated click-to-play video ads that run on sites that are part of the Google Network. It simplifies the storage and processing of large amounts of data, eases the deployment and operation of large-scale global products and services, and automates much of the administration of large-scale clusters of computers.

Most operations are read-only. When an update is required, queries are redirected to other servers, so as to simplify consistency issues. Queries are divided into sub-queries, where those sub-queries may be sent to different ducts in parallel, thus reducing the latency time.

To lessen the effects of unavoidable hardware failure, data stored in the servers may be mirrored using hardware RAID.

Software is also designed to be fault tolerant. Thus when a system goes down, data is still available on other servers, which increases the reliability. Marketing and Sales Marketing is reached 8 billion some say 25 billion of people.

Google is Linux based program which is free. Low cost compare to other search engines. Most of revenues come from ads and search service. Service Search service which meets the expectations of the customers.

Google's technology can evaluate millions of variables about its users and advertisers, correlate them with millions of potential ads and deliver the message to which each user most likely to respond Outbound Logistics Providing customer satisfaction and meets the needs of the customers.

Making new software programs. Support Activities Purchasing new hardware tools, servers at a lower cost.

Google takes on the world case study

Information Technology Information Technology is the most important source of competitive advantage in case of Google. A company's culture helps it attract the best talent available in the industry.

Google was one of the few companies that successfully blended technological innovation with strong organizational culture.

Firm Infrastructure Infrastructure of the Google is closely guarded in secret, because it is one f the competitive advantages.

The Google business relies on software and hardware infrastructure, which provides substantial computing resources at low cost. Their considerable investment in developing this infrastructure has produced several key benefits.

Google's analysis using competitive forces. There are many competitors in the industry, but main competitors are Microsoft, Yahoo. The competitors are trying to thwart the Google, but Google is becoming powerful day by day. In the case of Google the customers have reached 8 billion but some say 25 billion.

In the industry the customers is very strong link to help the business prosper. In this case the new entrants cannot make the serious harm to the Goggle.

The suppliers can be Linux, hardware tools suppliers.You hear a lot of overly optimistic claims about “plug and play” in the technology world, but with Chrome OS, it’s all true. One of our call center managers says it takes longer to get a Chromebook out of the box than it does to set it up — and I believe it.

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Google Takes on the World- Case Study Essay by prncss, University, Master's, A, October download word file, 16 pages download word file, 16 pages 6 votes/5(6). Google was created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in The pair developed a technologically advanced method of finding information on the Internet by using text matching techniques to find relevant web pages for users.

A Case Study of Google Inc. Download. Supplier Power In this case, Google has an advantage as it operates regionally and has more than one supplier, if the relationship with one deteriorates the other can take its place.

Although the world is not perfect, Google has more strengths and opportunities than threats and weaknesses. This is. Google Inc Case Study. I. Case Summary/Introduction This case study is about is about an Internet Company named Google. Google is a well known search engine that wants to step up an operation in China.

Because of the strict laws and government in China the executives are finding it very difficult to launch this service within the country.

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