Foot binding essay

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Foot binding essay

The lane labelled "control" is for quality control purposes and contains the DNA fragment but not treated with DNase I.

This makes it possible to locate a protein binding site on a particular DNA molecule. The method uses an enzyme, deoxyribonuclease DNase, for shortto cut the radioactively end-labeled DNA, followed by gel electrophoresis to detect the resulting cleavage pattern.

For example, the DNA fragment of interest may be PCR amplified using a 32P 5' labeled primer, with the result being many DNA molecules with a radioactive label on one end of one strand of each double stranded molecule.

Cleavage by DNase will produce fragments.

Foot binding essay

The fragments which are smaller with respect to the 32P-labelled end will appear further on the gel than the longer fragments. The gel is then used to expose a special photographic film.

Foot binding essay

If the protein binds DNA, the binding site is protected from enzymatic cleavage. This protection will result in a clear area on the gel which is referred to as the "footprint".

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By varying the concentration of the DNA-binding protein, the binding affinity of the protein can be estimated according to the minimum concentration of protein at which a footprint is observed.Footbinding in China is a topic that has interested, repelled, and perplexed people throughout its history.

The practice of binding ones feet in order to achieve a certain length has all but disappeared from modern-day China but it was once the accepted and promoted practice of many Chinese women.

Free Essay: The practice of Foot-Binding entered into Mainstream Chinese culture around the 12th and 13th centuries (Feng ), a time when the emerging.

Download this essay on foot binding and 90,+ more example essays written by professionals and your peers.: James A. Her's AP World History Page. Foot binding (also known as "lotus feet") was the custom of applying painfully tight binding to the feet of young girls to prevent further growth.

Shahil Patel English 4 Xu 6 May Foot Binding: The Price of Beauty Foot binding is the practice of wrapping the feet of younger girls to prevent further growth, usually tied to the Chinese culture.

Around the 18th century, foot binding was viewed to be very erotic and appealing leading many women to partake in this action. After many objections . Developing from the Tang dynasty, foot binding, together with braid, is generally known as the worst custom that worsens gender inequality in Chinese history.

The Yuan Dynasty introduced binding into the central and southern parts of China and footbinding was most popular in the Ming Dynasty.


A famous writer, Zhu Xi helped spread footbinding by introducing it into the southern Fuijan in order to spread Chinese culture .

Circumcision and Footbinding