Elementary teacher of the year essays

Meet the Finalists for Teacher of the Year posted by Chandler Hopper on September 14, in Teachers These educators have spent countless hours encouraging our students to grow and learn and on Sept. In her application essay, she describes the important role teachers play for students. Those we teach should feel empowered by the knowledge they gain and become productive members of society.

Elementary teacher of the year essays

As an instrument necessary for all else. As a discipline of mind. It clarifies our ideas like nothing else.


As a discipline of character. The goal of the English class, through the use of beautiful texts, is to gain an understanding of human nature. This knowledge acquired through good literature will be a powerful help for our spiritual life teachers should read what Dr.

David Allen White has written on this subject. It also helps us become accustomed to express beautifully, either orally or in writing, ideas and sentiments which are accurate and personal. The goal of the English class is not to form scholars or specialists, but to acquire some mastery of our own tongue.

As a consequence, spelling and grammar do not come first in teaching English. They have to be understood as tools, never disconnected from the expression of ideas. Language is an instrument to communicate thought.

This is why the teaching of language, as an art imitating nature, must use the spoken or phonetic form of words as the primary means for teaching reading. Reading aloud should be the first way of testing reading comprehension, of making the learner familiar with the role of punctuation marks, or engaging the learner in the full emotional experience that literature ought to yield, or providing an appreciation for the cadenced and hence ordered character of all works of the mind.

Not only should the students read aloud, but the teacher should also read to the class.

Elementary teacher of the year essays

This can be done at the end of the day. The children always look forward to a good story. It is also an excellent way to train them to thoughtful listening. Once, Father Finn, SJ, was given a difficult class. He found that the best way to obtain discipline was to read them a story as a reward for good behavior.

Reading aloud can be an excellent homework assignment as well. Parents and other siblings can easily listen for five minutes a day. This is an excellent way to show children that reading is important to the family, too.

Mother Stuart used to give a reading class to her teachers. She wrote that such a class gives: Courage to admit to our hearers that we have some feeling of sympathy with what we are reading a thing some appear to feel bound in honor to keep as a dark secret.

Some realization of the effects of good reading in developing things that have their springs very deep: We have to remember that we read for them, not for ourselves, and so must not put too much of our personal idiosyncrasies into our reading lest it may jar on them.

It teaches the necessity of consideration for our author and our audience and forgetfulness of ourselves. Otto Willman2 says, reading aloud is a: The teacher, who can do justice to a story, approaches in power the rhapsodist. In this way the teacher will not only win their interest, but infuse into their soul sympathy with what is great and noble, and enthusiastic devotion to high ideals.

First, of the elements which constitute this language: Secondly, of the functions and relations which link the elements to one another is syntax. Grammar could be called a descriptive knowledge. What is the object of this description? The elements of the language and their arrangements, therefore the structure of the language, its constructions, the diagrams, the models in which human thought is expressed, since language is the body of the thought.

The study of grammar, while indispensable, is secondary in the study of any language, beginning with our own. Before all else, through the contact with great works of literature, the goals of the English class are to root us in a tradition, and to make us discern the true nature of man.

It is also to teach us how to express ourselves. Besides, even to express ourselves correctly, the study of grammar does not suffice in itself; it is an auxiliary, and nothing more.

Elementary teacher of the year essays

Reading great writers teaches us more on this level, owing to a prolonged and frequent contact with beautiful language. As a consequence, we should seldom if ever isolate the study of grammar from the study of a text. It is very important to connect this technical study of the language to the expression of thought, since grammar is but an instrument.Cheltenham’s Elissa Johnson Earns Student of Month from Eastern Center for Arts and Technology.

Cheltenham High School senior Elissa Johnson has been named the November Student of the Month at Eastern Center for Arts and Technology (Eastern) in Willow Grove. Marie Blair is the most adaptable, fun-loving, hard-working teacher in Lincoln.

She teaches Spanish at St. Joseph Elem. School, at UNL and on Wednesday nights, at the F-Street Community Center. The Superintendent's blog this week discusses the words "thank you", the RFA Open Mic Night, the JCP window art fundraiser, and the District winter concert calendar.

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