Differences and similarities between the athens and spartans history essay

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Differences and similarities between the athens and spartans history essay

The two city-states were close synchronically on the map but exhibited significant differences in their values and the way they lived their lives. This was a city-state in ancient Greece, which rose to become the dominant military land-power in the region. This is one of the most significant city-states of all time, which we take many of our modern ways.

This city had a government with an assembly comprising of male citizens over 25 years old. Besides, the city-state had a court that was used to solve disputes among people and between people and government.

What are the similarities between Sparta and Athens?

Differences and similarities between the athens and spartans history essay

In addition to their governments, the two cities had a democratically elected assembly whose members people elected.

For Sparta, two kings who ruled until they died while for Athens, archons ruled the city-state for a term of one year upon which elections were conducted to elect new leadership ruled the state.

For Sparta, the strength of the military highly rested on the army, which was comprised of the best-trained and most mighty warriors of ancient times. The power of the Athenian military was in its navy, which was highly advanced and is regarded to have been the dominant force in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is important to highlight that the two militaries clashed during the Peloponnesian war where Sparta military won though at a significant cost of lives lost. Both city-states had substantial number of slave populations. It is estimated that each city-state had aboutslaves. More importantly, the slaves ranked bottom of the social order in both cities while military men ranked the top of the social order.

Some of the privileges allowed to the military men included voting and land ownership among other benefits. On the other hand, slaves were not allowed to vote and conducted most of the manual duties in the community. Trade and agriculture were the backbones of the economy.

Some of the items traded by the savings included apples, grapes, citrus fruits, ornaments, animals, and weapons among others. It is also worth noting that slave trade was at its highest at this period. Men had unquestionable authority over women and treated women as their subjects.

Moreover, women were encouraged to give birth with a high preference for a male child so that they can be brought up to join the army. Furthermore, women were not allowed to vote in both societies.

Take home message on Sparta and Athens In brief, Sparta and Athens may have been insignificant difference to each other at their heights throughout and around the Golden Age of Greece, but they owned many parallel relationships in their communities.

Spartan nation and Athenian society had many difference and similarities regarding various aspects of everyday life, military, women, and other issues. Additionally, it cannot be disputed that both city-states have had significant influence in influencing the modern life.

For example, the advancement in technology, military, and democracy can highly be attributed to the two cities of ancient Greece. Jecinta Morgan Jecinta is an experienced writer who has been writing for more than three years and she has a degree in Finance and Accounting. Facebook Comments Help us improve.

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While similar in some ways, Athens and Sparta had some key differences between them. A key difference lay in their ambitions, with Athens seeking to expand and Sparta being content with what it had. Though Athens and Sparta were located in the same country of .

Differences and similarities between the athens and spartans history essay

The Differences Between Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta, two of the most influential powers in ancient Europe, were quite different in many ways. Some of the main differences between Athens and Sparta were their governments, their education systems, their people’s rights, and the way their people were treated as a whole.

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Quick Answer. Sparta and Athens were both Greek city states that dominated ancient Greece during the fifth century BCE.

Each city state had at least a partially elected government and a strong military, and both relied on the labor of slaves.

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