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A chain of electronics stores that eventually spread to 43 locations across four states, the business bombarded consumers with print, television, and radio ads that guaranteed name brand products at major discounts.

Crazzy eddie

Murad and Tera worked in their Crazzy eddie stalls alongside Arabsincluding Egyptiansother Syriansas well as Turks. Eddie's father Sam Antar was a retailer, and it was no surprise to the family that Eddie also became a retailer.

Sight And Sound, located on Kings Highway in Brooklyn, began operation in and offered electronics at regular prices. Due to his aggressive sales techniques, Eddie quickly became known as "Crazy Eddie", but within eighteen months the shop as well as Eddie and Ronnie was nearly bankrupt.

Antar retained his one-third stake but left the day-to-day operations to Eddie. Eddie continued his sales tactics with the Crazzy eddie Crazy Eddie shop, but this time was successful. Eventually, Eddie closed that location and relocated the business to a bigger shop, just a few blocks from Sight And Sound's old location.

A third followed duringlocated in Manhattan. That year, Antar established a corporate main office in Brooklyn, New York. Advertising[ edit ] "Jerry Carroll" redirects here.

For the American comedian, see Jerry Carroll comedian. Ina live commercial was performed by DJ "Dr. Jerry" Carroll, who ended the scene by reading the shop's slogan, "his prices are insane", in this manner: Antar telephoned and told Carroll to say the line the same way every time, and thus a working relationship had begun.

For most of the next fifteen years Carroll performed commercials in the same frenetic manner he had for radio. One of his more memorable promotions was for Crazy Eddie's annual "Christmas in August" sale, where he would dress in a Santa suit and do the commercial while stagehands threw fake snowballs at him.

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Carroll also had a trademark look in each commercial, wearing a blue suit with a lighter blue turtleneck shirt in almost all of his appearances even during later years. During the s, more than 7,[ citation needed ] unique radio and television ads were broadcast in the tri-state area.

Carroll's acting became so identified with the company that many people thought he was actually Crazy Eddie; Crazy Eddie even made a commercial to this effect with Carroll as a Superman -styled superhero named Crazy Eddie. At the time, Warner also was the parent company of the Atari video game company, and its largest customer for systems and games was Crazy Eddie.

Therefore, in retaliation for the lawsuit, Eddie said that if Warner was going to sue for the commercial, he would stop selling Atari products in his stores.

The suit was eventually settled.


Carroll and the commercials became significantly cultural during the s, with the commercials sometimes appearing in the background of contemporary motion pictures.

An example is the frightening first sight of a television receiver with a typical Jerry Carroll commercial on screen by Daryl Hannah 's mermaid character in Ron Howard 's comedy Splash.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. September Almost from the beginning, Crazy Eddie's management engaged in various forms of fraud. The Antars deliberately falsified their books to reduce or eliminate their taxable income.

Inthe Antars began depositing much of this money—hundreds of thousands of dollars—in Israeli bank accounts. The Antars decided that the way to cover up their growing fraud was to take the company public. In preparation, Eddie initiated a scheme in to skim less each year. Since more income was actually being reported, this had the effect of showing drastically increasing profit margins.

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Antar known as Sammyto assist the company with its fraud. Sammy earned a degree in accounting inand served his apprenticeship with Penn and Horowitz, Crazy Eddie's auditor. Inhe was named chief financial officer of the company. These accounts, opened using false names, then drafted payments to Crazy Eddie.

This money was largely used to inflate same-store sales totals for the company. He began having an affair with another, younger woman, also named Debbie.Scott is best known for his time in Impact Wrestling under the ring name Crazzy Steve, where he is a former TNA World Tag Team Champion Contents 1 Professional wrestling career.

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It was the late s, and smaller, more portable transistors were. EDDIE DROPS OUT OF COLLEGE by Crazy Eddie, released 15 May 1. Outta Control 2. In Too Deep 3.

The Prices Are Insane 4. Love Song 5. Pink Elephants 6. Best I Can 7.

Crazzy eddie

Offended 8. End Of Days 9. Fucked Up Go Home You're Drunk Here To Stay Borracho The Break Up Song Out Of Luck Runnin'. A book of short stories including Crazy Eddie about a young criminal who started his a career in the s and Brides of Christ about the Catholic School experiences of a young boy.

Wolf is a portrait of a gangster who lived in the s. Sep 11,  · Eddie Antar, the founder of the Crazy Eddie electronics retail chain known for its hugely popular TV commercials in the s and s, and later brought down by .

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