Copy of marketing plan powerpoint of subway

Web Exclusive June 16, By Bruce Horovitz Subway has its fingers, toes, and foot-longs crossed in hopes that the roots of its problems are digital.

Copy of marketing plan powerpoint of subway

The former receptionist may have left a slew of notes, or like I did, written an SOP manual. Anon November 27, at I do encourage a balance though — if you have an admin person, try to follow their process as often as you can.


This buys a lot of good will for you if you ever need to break out and not use the process for whatever reason. Samantha November 27, at Being polite and friendly is so important for a receptionist.

Until recently my organization had a very surly and moody receptionist and I was always so embarrassed when visitors came in and had to interact with her. You are also the gatekeeper for the company.

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Your coworkers will appreciate it if you politely enforce these policies and help protect them from unnecessary interruptions. Always remember that when you are tempted to snap at someone. Reix November 27, at 1: I have had a client hang up the phone on our admin assistant and call me at my cellphone to complain about her rudeness….

Reix Oh… I have this from a chinese cookie: She was rude to most faculty and staff, but really played up to the dean and department heads. Adam V November 27, at 2: Reix November 27, at 8: She was very seriously warned not to do it ever again and she has been well-manered on the phone so far as far as I know.

I have made an effort to provide her with the name of customers I am dealing with, so that she has an easier time screening calls.

Three major things are vital for every receptionist, because you are the first contact: Also, a personal note: I was an admin for about 6 months once upon a time, and I sucked at it because I had a terrible time doing one of the most important things for an admin: You very often must be able to do things how others want them done, even if it flies in the face of how you would do it.

Agree with others that a good admin can rule the place. AMG November 27, at 1:Marketing Strategies of Subway.

Copy of marketing plan powerpoint of subway

Planners of subway marketing understand that “location matters.” They are opening franchises where they can get more exposure and attention of public. Marketing Plan of Honda 43 views; PESTLE ANALYSIS OF ADIDAS 39 views;.

Subway has its fingers, toes, and foot-longs crossed in hopes that the roots of its problems are digital. Subway’s Digital Makeover. Sandwich giant doubles down on digital in attempt to lure Millennials. Web Exclusive June 16, By Bruce Horovitz.

What non-obvious things should I know about being a receptionist?

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Subway -marketing_plan 1. Marketing Plan for SUBWAY By Tharanga Siriwardena Contact Details; Mobile Email [email protected] Tharanga Siriwardena Student ID 8/18/ Copy. Present to your audience. Transcript of Subway Presentation. Provides 'flavourful, much more livable way of eating' - Subway marketing officer, Tony Pace Celebrity Endorsements Tommy Bowe Michael Phelps Subway uses well known athletes as celebrity endorsements to reinforce their healthy eating marketing message vs .

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