Coldest days of december

Lower 48 AK, HI, PR As winter approaches, much of the United States is beginning to brace for the cold, while some areas have already experienced their coldest day of the year. This map is derived from the — U.

Coldest days of december

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The following December in saw an unprecedented cold wave that not only broke records for the coldest December on record by several degrees, but also broke records for the longest continuous period with temperatures of zero degrees or colder in both Sioux Falls and Sioux City.

A snowstorm occurred Coldest days of december November 26 through the 29th bringing widespread heavy snows of 9 inches at Huron South Dakota, With deep snow cover of around 10 inches at all three locations at months end, the stage was set for a potentially cold December.

An indication of just how cold it was in December was the fact that both Huron and Sioux Falls never saw the mercury climb to 30 degrees and Sioux City struggled to hit 32 degrees on December 4th.

The monthly high of 29 degrees in Huron was also set on the 4th while in Sioux Falls, the monthly high of 27 degrees was reached on the 4th, 10th, 11th and the last day of the month.

The average temperature for the month of December in Sioux Falls was 2.

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This broke the previous coldest December by 5. The average high for the month was There were 24 days when the mercury fell to zero degrees or colder, 11 days of 10 below zero or colder including 10 days in a row between the 16th and 25th and 8 days with 20 degrees below zero or colder on 8 consecutive days between the 17th and 24th.

The coldest temperature, 26 degrees below zero, occurred on the 18th and 22nd. In Sioux City, the average temperature for the month of December was 6.

The previous record coldest December of There was a total of 17 days where the temperature fell to zero degrees or colder, 9 consecutive days of 10 below zero or colder which occurred between the 17th and 25th and one day with 20 below zero or colder which occurred on the 23rd when the mercury plunged to 21 degrees below zero.

In Huron, the average temperature for December was 2. The average high was There were 24 days of zero degrees or colder during the month, 10 consecutive days of 10 degrees below zero or colder between the 16th and 25th, and 4 consecutive days of 20 degrees below zero or colder between the 21st and 24th.

Coldest days of december

The coldest temperature for the month was 28 degrees below zero which occurred on the 23rd. The coldest period occurred during a ten day stretch beginning on the 16th and ending on Christmas day.

In Sioux Falls the average temperature during this period was The average high during this ten day period was 6. Contrast this with what the average high should be during this period, around 26 degrees, and the average low during this period, around 7 degrees, and you begin to understand the magnitude of this unusually harsh cold spell.

During this same ten day period the average temperature in Sioux City was 9. The average high was 3.Jan 01,  · Parts of the central and eastern U.S.

experienced one of their coldest late December through early January periods on record. Numerous record lows were set . The Trump-Kim summit could take place in Mongolia's Ulaanbaatar — here's what the coldest capital city on earth is like.

For some states, the coldest day of the year usually occurs near the start of winter, while for others it comes near the end. This map reveals when history says your state will have its coldest day of the year. Days of Hot Weather in Las Vegas. Summer days in Las Vegas get hot.

From June to September, temperatures reach into the 90s nearly every day, and often climb above °F. We are constantly pushing our bodies to the max. From long days at work, to injuries on the fields, our bodies take a beating.

More importantly, as athletes and engineers and high performers, we know that the faster we recover, the more we can train and work. Forecast Last Updated at Friday, November 16, at AM.

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The Sun Returneth! The last four days have been cloudy, chilly, and soggy. Bright sunshine makes a welcome appearance today, and will stay with us through the upcoming weekend.

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