Administrative competence of local officials essay

Administrative agencies of various kinds e. Some do substantially the same kind of work as is done by courts and in substantially the same manner; others,… Defining principles One of the principal objects of administrative law is to ensure efficient, economical, and just administration. A system of administrative law that impedes or frustrates administration would clearly be bad, and so, too, would be a system that results in injustice to the individual. But to judge whether administrative law helps or hinders effective administration or works in such a way as to deny justice to the individual involves an examination of the ends that public administration is supposed to serve, as well as the means that it employs.

Administrative competence of local officials essay

Central to the creation of local government, however, is its ability to facilitate an avenue through which government and the people intermix, relate and more quickly than any other means resolve or dissolve issues that may have heated the system.

Local government has been perceived as a panacea for the diverse problems of the diverse people with diverse culture. As important as this tier of government has been, there seems to be some impediments that have been infringing on its performance and functions in recent times.

These impediments range from political but undue interference of the higher levels of government i. The Concept of Local Government The concept of local government involves a philosophical commitment to democratic participation in the governing process at the grassroots level.

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This implies legal and administrative decentralisation of authority, power and personnel by a higher level of government to a community with a will of its own, performing specific functions as within the wider national framework. Looking at the existence, performance and relevance of local government, Laski A local government is expected to play the role of promoting the democratic ideals of a society and co-ordinating development programme at the local level.

It is also expected to serve as the basis of socio-economic development in the locality. Observations have shown that local government in Nigeria has not performed to expectation.

Keen observers have since adduced various propositions for explaining the reasons why the system has recorded abysmal level of inefficiency and ineffectiveness vis-a-vis justification for its establishment.

In the Philippines. both national and local authoritiess have the duty to develop and better the competences of the local authorities forces. The Civil Service Commission (CSC) and the Local Government Academy (LGA) of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) are mandated by jurisprudence to construct HR capablenesss at the local degree. In the UK, there are three types of officials: the Parliamentary Commissioner for Administrative Affairs (The Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, PCA, established in ), Commissioner for Health (The Health Service Commissioners, HSC, since ) and the Commissioner for local administration (Commissioners for Local Administration. Explain what mechanisms would you suggest to improve the administrative competence of local officials to make local government units effective partners of the national government in the development of the country?

But before reading into the problems of local government, we shall first attempt to illuminate the historical background of local government in order to have adequate grasp of its future and achieve deeper understanding of salient issues raised in this paper.

Brief Historical Background of Local government System in Nigeria Regardless of nomenclature, local government is a creation of British colonial rule in Nigeria. It has overtime experienced change in name, structure and composition. Between s and s, for instance, local government was known as chief-in-council and chief-and-council, where traditional rulers were given pride of place in the scheme of things.

In the s, election was introduced according to the British model in the western and eastern parts of the country with some measure of autonomy in personnel, financial and general administration Nwabueze, It was on this premise that the rising tide of progress, growth and development experienced in the local governments in these areas was based.

The pace of this development was more noticeable in the south than in the north.

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During this period, heterogeneity was the hallmark of local government as there was no uniformity in the system and the level of development was also remarkably different.

The introduction of reforms by military administration of General Obasanjo brought about uniformity in the administrative structure of the system. The reforms introduced a multi-purpose single-tier local government system Ajayi, Consequently, a population of withintowas considered feasible for a local government.

This was done to avoid the creation of non-viable local council and for easy accessibility.

There was provision for elective positions having the chairmen as executive head of local government with supervisory councillors constituting the cabinet. This was complemented by the bureaucrats and professionals, such as Doctors, Engineers, etc.

Ina major landmark reform was introduced as the system had legislative arm. In addition, the Babangida administration increased the number of local government from in to in and in In summary, it can be said that no public institution in Nigeria has been so subjected to frequent reforms than local government.

Nearly every successive administration introduces one administrative change or the other. Apart from the celebrated reforms, state government officials have also introduced various manipulations.Administrative Law is very similar to Constitutional Law, as it focuses on the rule-making authority of government officials.

It is a branch of public law and its subject matter is the law governing the implementation of public programs, which are governed by statutes which have been enacted by legislature depending on the level of government with constitutional competence in the area.4/4(1).

Administrative law, today, is the most litigated and rapidly developing sub-branch of constitutional law.

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The Delegation Of Discretionary Powers. Administrative law, today, is the most litigated and rapidly developing sub-branch of constitutional law. Canadian courts have taken a restrictive view on competence of local authorities to.

Administrative Competence Of Local Officials Harvard Case Study Solution and Analysis of READING THE HARVARD CASE STUDY: To have a complete understanding of the case, one should focus on case reading. It is said that hbr case study should be read two times. Initially, fast reading without taking notes and underlines should be done.

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Administrative competence of local officials essay

Local Government Officials There are two categories of local government officials: the elective and the appointive. The elective officials are elected directly by the voters of the local area while the appointive officials are appointed by the local chief executive.

Their appointments are based on . Administrative Ethics Paper Tiffany Wilson HCS/ March-Monday, Maria Soohey Administrative Ethics Paper HIPAA is a big issue now a day, even more so when you talk about electronic records, you have both good, and bad, but how much does the good out weight the bad.

Administrative competence of local officials essay

Competency of The Local Government Officials In the context of the Administration System of the Republic of Indonesia, the competency of the state officials are classified into 4 types, namely (Joko, ): (1) The technical Competence in the Regulation.

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